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Red-brown swirled wine bottle stopper. Distinctive art handmade in Vermont from stoneware clay, glazed, and then epoxied to medical-grade steel. An heirloom piece!

I called this stopper "Prong" because it just seems to suit the way it sits on top of a bottle. My original inspiration was the "squidies" in the movie The Matrix, but it doesn't look anywhere near so hostile! "Prong" is sporting one of my favorite glaze combinations - the swirls and variations in the coloring are very interesting and make it look almost like some exotic kind of marble. He was a bit tricky to glue down - you'll see in the second photo that he had to spend some time (three days!) in rubber bands to get the epoxy to dry properly.

Perfect for your favorite bottle of wine, vinegar, home-made spirits, or even perfume. Because of his thin bits, "Prong" will be safest in a careful home, and is probably more suited for display on a seldom-opened bottle than popping on and off wine through a loud and noisy meal.

"Prong" is about 4.5 inches long and just over an inch wide.

The business end is made of the highest quality stainless available anywhere, which is then attached using industrial-strength epoxy. (See my blog for more info if you're curious about my process.) Unlike most stoppers that are plated and can flake or pit, these are medical-grade and can be kept in a bottle for as long as you like. These are *not* your run-of-the-mill corner store bottle toppers -- they are a labor of love, each truly one-of-a-kind, take hours to make, and are built to last!

All my creations come very carefully wrapped for safety. If you have special shipping needs, let me know and I'll certainly accommodate.
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