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Unusual little handmade creature with a wild curly tail, big mouth, vane down his back, and 10 (?!) legs. Matte black from one coat of iron oxide and a second coat of iron oxide wax, with reddish color on the inside. Places I didn't put the wax were then dipped and brushed in gloss black glaze. (The last photo is after glazing before going into the kiln - the reddish color is the glaze.) Spots on the body are where droplets of glaze clung on, despite the wax - completely organic, and I love the way it worked out! The result is completely individual, humorous and darkly beautiful.

Hand-thrown and altered stoneware, fired to cone six glaze. Each Curly Creature takes several hours of work, and like all ceramic art, no two pieces are the same. Signed, dated 11/9/12, and given an impression of my personal name stamp.

This little guy will be content resting on a windowsill in the sun, holding down your papers, showing off on a shelf or in your garden. You could grow an air plant in his mouth, store rings or change... Food safe, should you choose to use it for such. With their long tails, these guys are fragile, so exercise care when handling your Curly Creature!

Dimensions: 7" long, 3.75" wide, 3" tall.

All Curly Creatures come double-boxed for safety. If you have special shipping needs, let me know and I'll certainly accommodate.

See my other Curly Creatures here:

My blog for thoughts, glaze samples, info about my process and progress, and more:

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glaze, loving care, whimsy, fire, stoneware, curled tail, gloss black, matte black, spots, black iron oxide, black iron oxide wax
handthrown, sculpture, abstract, creature, clay, stoneware, curly, ceramic, animal, airplant, incense, fantasy
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