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Show off your Curtin's Creations Wine Stopper in this handsome glossy black acrylic stand! If you don't like the website name, just flip it over - the back is blank. The hole is sized to perfectly hold the stopper at its middle ring - firm enough to hold it securely, and easy to slide in and out.

Don't just sit your stopper on a shelf - help it stand out!

** Note that one of these comes free with every stopper! **

This stand measures 3.25" long, just over 2" high, is about 3/16" thick, and has a satisfying weight and feel. (Same dimensions as a credit card, only thicker.)

If you're interested in getting a stand in a different color for a bit more, get in touch - there are plenty of options.

While this stand's awfully sturdy, all my creations come very carefully wrapped for safety. If you have special shipping needs, let me know and I'll certainly accommodate.
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black acrylic
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