Lidded jars after separation and trimming.

(And also a second attempt at seeing if Instagram automatically posting to my blog will work

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What is this craziness? Super cool technique for throwing lidded jars. Intense process with many steps, but the results are pretty great. More when they return from bisque!

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(PS to future me: when originally posted to Instagram, IFTTT did work, and the image was visible on the blog…)

Christmas photo shoot!

And that’s a wrap folks! Tons of goodness out of the kiln today, I’m happy to say. And just on time for Christmas presents – phew! Here’s a few making of photos – more once everyone’s gotten their goodies. Happy holidays everyone!



Experiments in for bisque…

I’m loving the black slip over this white clay body. Tons of ideas for glaze combinations, but until you see it in action all bets are off. So… there’s some fun stuff going here – looking forward to getting these pieces out of bisque and experimenting!

Reunited and it feels so good!

It had been far too long. Since the early spring life’s insisted on coming between me and the pottery studio. Well, no more! Finally this week I’m back at it, and happy to find my fingers still remember how to work the clay.

Some photos of the goodies:



New work photoshoot

A ton of new pieces out of the kilns this month! Photos were embargoed until now for reasons of Christmas 😉 so here at some of the better ones:











Sphere cut cleanly at 1/3 or so, hole punched through, black slip over (looks almost like carbon fiber.) cylinder w/top and bottom cut cleanly at 1/3, top rounded to sphere, divot to hold sphere w/hole punched through center. Black slip again. Once fired, acrylic or plate glass will go in the cuts, with lights run inside and glowing out through the transparent material.

Would have been nice to make the sphere fully solid, and use inductive power to run a led inside it, but I wasn’t sure what distance inductance could work over. Next time.


A few more glazed

I can already tell that the little black cup is going to be one of my all-time favorites…


More from yesterday’s epic session

How many hours at the studio yesterday? I lost track. Tons of good work through, despite a few pieces that needed to be redone on account of glaze going on too thick and peeling away as it dried. (Grr.)




I finished by having some fun throwing geometric shapes. The cylinder and biggest sphere are going into a new lighting project. BTW: throwing a sphere is hard – it’s still not quite right, but prob as good as I can get it. Anyone have tips for this?

There’s some glazin to do heah!


Tons of goodies came out of the bisque today!