Stoppers and stilts!

Some fun news yesterday!  The stoppers and the kiln stilts I ordered showed up.  🙂

First stop was the studio to use the stilts:

Curly Creature wine stoppers on stilts, waiting for the glaze kiln

Curly Creature wine stoppers on stilts, waiting for the glaze kiln

Then I swung by Conant Metal & Light.  Light technician Christy who showed me all around the workshop.  We talked about my options for lamps, and she tracked down bits and pieces I’d need — a ceramic candelabra socket, cut a piece of brass tubing that fit around it, a gold-colored wire with inline switch, and some other bits.  $10 for everything – not bad!  The place is a treasure chest of found electrical stuff next door to a very well-equipped metal shop, all staffed with folks who know how to help you get stuff done.  If you’re in the Burlington area and have a project, I highly recommend paying them a visit!

Last stop was the hardware store to pick up some E6000 epoxy for attaching the stoppers to their Curly Creatures…  The first two are almost cured (24 hours to go – I’m so impatient) and they look great!!  I’m really excited about the little buggers.

The first two wine stoppers
Wine stoppers with Curly Creature tops
Wine stopper with Curly Creature swimmer top

The first two stoppers!

Latest idea – wine stoppers!

I had a fun idea last week – wine stoppers!  Here on the right are my first attempts, plus a table-lamp-to-be on the left:

One lamp, four wine stoppers

I think these will be really unique and popular once they’re released to the world…