Who am I? Just a potter playing with mud and fire to solidify whimsy. Decorative Curly Creatures, wine stoppers, urns, and more. Hand thrown, altered, & glazed – each piece is beautiful and truly unique!

Please visit the “Finished Work” tab at the very top of this page to see full information about completed pieces. (And incidentally, if you like the finished work section, get in touch – there’s much more behind the scenes that artists will find immensely useful!)

I’ve been enjoying pottery since 2000 when I sat down at a wheel with a lump of clay and rediscovered the joy of creation. Since then I’ve been learning to twist clay, fire, and glazes into my own unique expressions. Functional pieces are fine, but most recently I’ve been focused on my wine stoppers and Curly Creatures. Poke around the website here to learn more!

I’ll be using this website to post updates, pictures of what I’m working on, thoughts, etc.  Please feel free to get in touch with me!!

My email:  Tim at CurtinsCreations dot com.