A few goodies


Last night’s quick studio session produced these three beauties. With luck, they’ll be out by Christmas! (It’s going to be tight.)

A lesson for webmasters…

A lesson that I shouldn’t have needed to learn: backup your site before doing any upgrades. I know better. It had been a while since I updated my WordPress install, so I clicked the button… done! Hmm – themes have updates too, no problem, I’ll do that…

It didn’t even occur to me that changing the theme would totally break my custom code – the new version of Atahaulpa disabled embedded php code. Suddenly, main page of the site = blank white nothing. Sometimes its good for the mind to be a blank slate, but not so much when that’s what the rest of the world sees.

So… working on fixing things here. In the meantime, the main page now directs to this blog instead of Finished Work.

Speaking of finished work, I’ve got all of my stoppers up on my Etsy page. A lot of work lately on functional stuff – some great bowls and new glazes I’m really happy with. One of my Creatures has gotten a gold-leaf upgrade (I’m struggling not to put gold leaf on everything now.) And I’m working up the best way to make custom handles for high-end espresso tampers… Fun stuff afoot! Right after I fix this site.