Website progress

Some major work lately on website stuff. Over time, I’ve been realizing that it takes an enormous amount of time and effort to list new products. I wanted to send them to Etsy, make a smugmug album, post them to facebook, and tweet… and despite being a pretty tech-savvy guy, it just wasn’t happening. Certainly, I wasn’t updating them all in anything like a timely way. And definitely not making the effort to make them point at each other…

Knowing that other artists must be having the same problem, I sat down and started coding. The result is almost ready to release, but you can see part of it already here when you click the “Finished Work” tab. Live browsing of everything I’ve got in the tool so far.

What you can’t see is the extra tools I have available to me as the artist. I can log in, edit any of these items, and then post them to etsy, smugmug, and soon facebook, twitter, and whatever else I can think of. Updates – just click a button. And any time I upload somewhere new, the link to new stuff gets added to what I’ve already done. So, the etsy listing gets a link to the smugmug album. And vice-versa. Ditto for facebook. (Twitter, I think, I’ll just be sending here, but that’ll be an option too.)

Its super-cool, if I do say so myself.