Aha – a stand idea

Sorry, no photos yet, but today I had an aha moment.  Business cards, single and multiple stopper displays for customers, and single and multiple displays with Moo mini-business-card holders for point-of-sale.  Boo-yah.  Ponoko’s half-off sale ends tomorrow, so I’ve got some vector art to make tonight!

New glaze colors, epoxy success

Hello!  Life’s been busy the last few weeks, and I’ve made some good progress with the wine stoppers.  I ordered up some new epoxy from an industrial supply catalog, some extra nozzles, and a gun to make applying it easier.  After some trial and error, I’ve actually got a process that works well – all of these were glued up after about 30min of prep and 15min of choreographed gluing.

Just epoxied stoppers

You’ll notice a few new color combinations in there too – I’m loving the speckled blue and the pink/purple combinations!

I’ve got a good number of these guys done now – next up: a display stand and some business cards.  (And some good photos of each!)

Website and email access is back!

After some time of not being able to access the website (or my email) from my home network, I was finally able to get everything updated to work again today. Whew! (And as an added benefit, if it happens again, now I know why…)

So – there’s been some progress lately – I’ll get some info up and posted soon.

Long time no post!

Hey world – sorry it’s been so long!  One of my other hats is Race Director for a non-profit adventure racing company I founded, and one of our two yearly races “The Bitter Pill” was this past weekend. Great day, fun race, and a huge relief to have it over!  The logistics of designing ordering and tracking down shirts, getting the website set up, busses, moving bikes and canoes…  It’s pretty crazy, but worth it to put on a good show!

I’m also having website troubles.  For some reason, this domain is the only one (that I’ve found so far anyway) that my home router won’t let me get to.  That’s ironic and inconvenient…  Hopefully be able to fix that this week, but in the meantime it makes posting updates tricky.

Ok – back to pottery.  Lately I’ve been concentrating on geometric random forms and trying new glaze samples.  Heavy coats of fake celadon are a favorite right now – beautiful blue where the glaze pools and nice crackling.  I’ll try to get some macros up soon.

Here are some of what’s waiting for the kilns:

BisqueGlaze experiments